1 John, Bible Studies

1 John Introduction


My goal is:


  1. That you better learn how to read the Bible for
  2. Understand what God through the author John was trying
    to tell us.
  3. And show you how this book fits in the big scheme of
    the book of the Bible.

Reasons for doing our first lesson on 1 John:

  1. Short book that gives us the foundations of what it
    means to be a Christian.

    1. John’s letter insists on right moral behavior as the measuring
      stick of a true Christian faith.

      1. i.
        Christians cannot continue to live in darkness (1:6)
      2. ii.
        Christians cannot continue to love the world (2:15)
      3. iii.
        Christians cannot continue to have anything to do with
        idols (5:21)
      4. iv.
        Love for the God who is light means a radical break
        with every kind of evil.  (Jackman, David,
  2. Shows us how to deal with false teachers and there are
    many false teachers in the world today.

    1. a.      Why is it important to deal with false

      1. i.
        Because false teaching always leads to false living.
      2. ii.
        Likewise, as we study John’s letter, we will see over
        and over again how he relates doctrinal truth to daily life.
  3. I am studying Greek for my last online class and the
    level of Greek that John uses is easier for me to translate.
  4. And most importantly, it is setting the foundation so
    that we can go into deeper studies later.

    1. Historian Jerome tells us that when the aged apostle
      John became weak that he could no longer preach, he used to be carried into the
      congregation at Ephesus and content himself with a word of exhortation.  “Little children, love one another.”  And when his hearers grew tired of this
      message and asked him why he so frequently repeated it, he responded, “Because
      it is the Lord’s command, and if this is all you do, it is enough.”  (Jackman, 1988, p. 11)

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