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Overview of the Bible



A Cougars for Christ five-part Overview of the Bible

Does the Bible sometimes seem like a large or intimidating book?  Or have you read parts of it, but feel your understanding is incomplete on how all the pieces fit together?  Then this five-part “Overview of the Bible” is just right for you.  We’ll look at the main events of the Bible in chronological order, and examine a handful of major themes that appear throughout the Old and New Testaments.

The study will be taught by Joe Gunter, who is the Youth Pastor at Flemingsburg Baptist Church.  Each session will last about 20 minutes.  The study is not designed to promote one particular point of view, but to allow us to examine the world’s all-time bestselling book for ourselves.  No prior Bible knowledge is necessary; we are all here to learn.  No one will be “put on the spot” or asked to contribute opinions unless they want to.  You are encouraged to bring a Bible, but is not necessary.

The planned schedule is:

#1 (Nov. 4)                  Creation through Abraham

#2(Nov. 11)                Abraham through”the wanderings”

#3 (Nov. 18)                Joshua through end of Old Testament

#4 (Dec. 2)                  New Testament Life of Christ

#5 (Dec. 16)                Acts through Revelation


When:  Friday Mornings, November 4, 11, 18, December 2, and 16

Time:  7:45-8:06

Where:  Auditorium

 Led by:  Joe Gunter, Youth Pastor at Flemingsburg Baptist Church


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