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Which Bible Should I Choose?

After posting the lesson from last Sunday I thought it would be beneficial to provide a resource on my recommendations of what kind of Bible to choose if you are looking for a good Bible to use during your personal devotional time.

First of all, although there a plenty of cheap Bibles out there.  It is best to spend the extra money to buy a good one.  Especially if you are like my wife and I and take notes in it.

Second, here is an article that explains why we have so many different translations and what the difference is, so that you will be better prepared to pick a translation that best suits you.

It’s All Greek to Me. Clearing up the confusion about Bible translations

Here are my two favorite, which also have student editions that are also very good.

Apologetics Study Bible

ESV Study Bible

Here is my recommendation for a Children’s Bible:

The Big Picture Story Bible


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