Bible Studies, The Gospels

Visit of the Wise Men

Jesus presented in the Temple in Luke 2:22-38

  • V. 22-24, The setting which is tied to his parents faithful following of the law.
  • V. 25-35, The description and prophecy of Simeon.
  • V. 36-38, Anna’s reaction.

Visit of Wise Men in Matthew 2:1-12

5 Truths from the Story of the Wise Men

1)      Jesus is the Messiah, the King of the Jews, and should be honored as such.

2)      Jesus is to be worshiped not just by Jews, but by all the nations of the world, as represented by the wise men from the east.

3)      God uses the universe to make his Son known and worshiped. This is his great goal in all things – that his Son be known and worshiped.

4)      Jesus is troubling to people who do not want to worship him and brings out opposition for those who do.

5)      Worshiping Jesus means joyfully ascribing authority and dignity to Christ with sacrificial gifts.

What We Do NOT Know About the Wise Men

  • Their number.
  • Their names.
  • Their Nationality.

What We Do Know About the Wise Men.

  • Their setting: the East.
  • Their significance: high-ranking officials with power and influence.

Star of Bethlehem

  • Numbers: A man from the east prophesying a star and a king among the Jews.

–        Matthew: Magi from the east following a star to the king of the Jews.

–        Isaiah: Nations will come to the light of God’s people.

–        Matthew: Nations are drawn to the light over God’s Son.

The Opposition…

  • A world leader intimidated by Jesus.
  • Religious leaders indifferent to Jesus.

–        Chief priests: Representing Jewish worship.

–        Scribes: Representing Jewish law.

Theme of Using the Weak to Shame the Strong.

  • The place where King David was born becomes the point where King Jesus is born.
  • A relatively insignificant village becomes an extremely important city.
  • The One who reigns as the King will rule as a shepherd.

Extravagant gifts…

  • Gold, emphasizing Jesus’ royalty.
  • Frankincense, emphasizing Jesus’ deity.
  • Myrrh, emphasizing Jesus’ humanity.

–        He was presented myrrh as a king in a cradle.

–        He would be offered myrrh as a king on a cross.


  • The global purpose of God is the glad praise of Christ among the peoples of the world.
  • He directs nature.
  • He draws nations.

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