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The Public Ministry of John the Baptist

The Public Ministry of John the Baptist

His Person, Proclamation, and Baptism

Matthew 3:1-6, Mark 1:2-6, and Luke 3:1-6

The Purpose

  • The purpose of this first section about John the Baptist is twofold:
    • First, to place Jesus’ ministry in the midst of world history (Luke v. 1-2);
    • Second, to set the ministry of John the Baptist in the midst of the Old Testament hope (Luke v. 3-6).

Four Themes

  1. God’s promise comes in the context of history.
  2. The word of God is once again active.
  3. The preparation for salvation requires personal repentance of one’s sins.
  4. John’s coming was anticipated in the Scriptures; it is a clearing of the way for God.

Descriptions of John the Baptist

  • Prophesying boldly.
  • Living simply.
  • Baptizing openly.
  • Serving humbly.

Four Key Elements of Scriptural Baptism

  1. Proper Candidate- Believer
  2. Proper Mode- Immersion
  3. Proper Purpose- Symbolic
  4. Proper Authority- New Testament Church

The Baptism of the Jews

  • Renounceyour dependence on self.
    • Your family heritage.
    • Your personal righteousness.
    • Your worldly successes.
  • Relyon the mercy of God.
    • The Savior Kingis coming.
      • He will transform your hearts.
      • He will purify your lives.
    • The Righteous Judgeis close.
      • His wrath is imminent.
      • His punishment is eternal.



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