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List of Books Given Away at Band of Bloggers and the Audio of the Session.

One of the highlights for me of the recent T4G conference was the 2012 Band of Bloggers meeting that was held on the campus of Southern Seminary. This meeting was held before the actual conference started so while Kaley was at the Minsters Wives Panel on campus, I was able to attend this meeting.  What made this meeting so good for me was the amount of books that they sent us home with rivaled the amount of books that T4G sent us home with and they fed us Chick-fi-la for lunch.  Feeding me spiritually and physically always puts me in a good mood afterwards.  However let us not over look the fantastic job Owen Strachan did leading a panel discussion about the state of blogging among the “Young, Restless, and Reformed.” Panelists include Justin Taylor, Collin Hansen, Tim Challies, and Timmy Brister. I really benefitted from this conversation. If you are a blogger or follow blogs, you likely will too. You can download the audio here

Here is the list of books that were given away and since Kaley later joined me for the meeting, we have duplicates of all these books so if you see something that interests you let me know and I will be glad to let you have it.  You can also stop by my office to physically look at each book that was given away at this meeting and the books that we have extra from the T4G conference which a posted earlier here.

Also, I have attached links to the books, authors, and publishers so that you can get more information on these books.

1.  Red Like Blood by Bob Bevington (Shepherd’s Press)

2.  Jonah: Navigating a God-Centered Life by Colin Smith (Christian Focus) Hear the sermons here.
3.  The World We All Want by Steve Timmis (Good Book Company)
16. Center Church by Tim Keller (Zondervan) – 3 chapters in forthcoming book

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