Bible Studies, The Gospels

The Testimony of John the Baptist: John 1:19-34

Outline of Passage

•The delegation and John’s denials (1.19-21)

Who is John and what is he doing (1.22-28)

•John’s witness concerning Jesus (1.29-34)

–Christ is the Lamb of God (1.29)

–Christ is the One who will baptize with the Holy Spirit (1.30-33)

–Christ is the Son of God (1.34)

Two Shocking Meanings

1.It meant that the God-man would die. And not just die, but die like a lamb dies—be slaughtered (Revelation 5:6, 9, 12; 13:8).

2.Second, it meant that the whole world would benefit from this and not just Jews. This God-man was the Jewish Messiah (John 1:41). But his death would take away the sin of the world, not just the sin of Israel.


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