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Mark Dever Session II at Building Healthy Churches Conference

9Marks at Southern 2013: Session 2 with Mark Dever from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

John 12:37-50

Is the Only Reason Why People Do Not Believe is Because We Did Not Teach Them Right?

– v. 37 Response of Unbelievers

– v. 47 When Jesus performs miracles of healing, he does so as signs of who He is and what He has come to do.

Why Did They Still Reject Him Despite the Signs?

Is. 53

1.) Belief never involves the mind alone.  It is comprehensive.

– By rejecting the Word of God, you are rejecting God.

– v. 48 Rejecting Words, Rejects Jesus, Then rejects God Himself.

– Coming to Church is dangerous, the delusion is that we are judges of the sermon, but God’s Word should be changing us, or our hearts will become more hardened.

– 1 Peter 1&2, if we follow Christ, we will know rejection.

– v.41&44 Real belief is centered in Jesus.

-v.49-50 Seeing Jesus for who He is, is seeing God.

2.) Belief in God Brings Real Benefits (Eternal Life)

– We begin to live the way we were created to.

Two Types of Hybrid Believers

1.) Secret Believers

– What kind of belief is this?

– They loved the praise of man more than the praise of God.

– Jesus will have no secret followers.

2.) Inactive Believers

– v.47-48

– They will listen, but wont do.

– Their actions wont change.

– They believe time is short, but they live as if time is long.

– Do not just describe the Gospel, call them to respond to the Gospel.


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