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Edward Copeland Session III at Building Healthy Churches Conference

9Marks at Southern 2013: Session 3 with K. Edward Copeland from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

Colossians 1:28-29

– We do not argue, we announce. We are not arguing, we are announcing historical fact.

– We are not the hero of our presentation.

– Our position of office does not excuse us from the warnings or standards of the Bible, but holds us to a higher standard.

– Apply the Word to yourself first.

– It is possible to be a starving chef

– It is possible to be a drowning lifeguard.

– You cannot save someone else on the air plane unless you first get oxygen for yourself.

– We need wisdom, not just create Frankenstein messages, taking pieces from other messages or from commentaries.

– Emphasis on wisdom in the book of Colossians.

– Our goal is not to create a spiritual welfare state.

– Our goal is to be able to present our sheep to Christ as fully nourished.

* Which number will Christ be worried about membership? attendance? or how many full fledged disciples in the church?

– Striving=Wrestling/ stay in shape for the contest.

– Just because we cannot raise the dead, it does not excuse us from neglecting the gym.

– Labor, but it is a sweet labor.

– We are not preaching for a response, we are preaching for a result.


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