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Dr. Mohler Session IV at Building Healthy Churches Conference

9Marks at Southern 2013: Session 4 with R. Albert Mohler, Jr. from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

What is the Big Deal?

The Foolishness of Preaching, Why Expository Preaching is a Bad Idea.

Reformation– Centrality of the Church is Biblical Preaching

Agents of the Downfall of Preaching

1.) Revival of Piatism (Morality Preaching), Revivalism (Conversion Focused Preaching), and Pragmatism (Whatever Works Preaching)

2.) Liberalism (Bible Cannot be True), Existentialism (Meaningless), and Consumerism (Whatever Sells).

– These agents resulted because culture changed, not because the homiletic’s first changed.

Why Expository Preaching is a Bad Idea.

1.) No One Listens to Long Spoken or Written Words.

2.) No One Knows the Bible.

– Involves literacy in a culture of dwindling literacy especially of the Bible.

3.) Too Preacher Centric.

4.) It Does Not Relate to My Everyday Life.

5.) It Will Kill a Church.

-Numerically and Emotionally

6.) Not Every Text of the Bible Deserves to be Preached.

7.) It is Based on Out Dated Authorities.

Why We Have to Preach Expository Sermons Anyways

– Expository Preaching is Our Calling.

– Human Beings Have Not Changed. They Still are Sinners That Desperately Need To Hear the Words of God.

– If Scripture is the Word of God, Then Expository Preaching is Demanded From Us.

– In Every Verse of the Bible God is Currently Speaking and Preaching is Communicating What God is Saying to Our Church.

1 Corinthians 1 God’s Word is foolishness to us until by God’s Grace it Becomes Wisdom.


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