Bible Studies, Facing Fear, Topical Studies, Trusting God VBS 2013

Dare to Trust (Acts 27) Day 5 of VBS



What a ride! This week has been an exciting adventure as we have barreled down the tracks, over the hills, through the turns, and around the loops at Colossal Coaster World with the study of Paul’s life.  It has been a fun week that has been packed with learning about trusting God and facing fears.

Paul was surrounded by a ship full of scared sailors on a wild water ride.  Instead of panicking, he expressed his confidence that no matter how God worked out the details, God would work on their behalf!

Today, we will finish everything that we have learned all week to know that they have learned all week to know that they can trust God no matter what.  With God’s power, they can overcome anything!  Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, and hopefully you all have seen a glimpse of Jesus this week as well.

Read Acts 27

Paul had no idea what was coming at him when he boarded a ship to Rome.  He did know that the season for sailing was coming to an end and advised the crew to take shelter during winter months.

He was ignored.  Soon the ship was swamped by a storm called a northeaster.  Even the seasoned sailors feared for their lives as they reinforced the boat with ropes and tackle.  Unable to see sun, stars, or light at the end of the tunnel, the terrified men to take courage.  Paul shared the news that an angel had appeared to him with the good news that the crew would survive.  God had a plan for Paul to preach in Rome.  Paul believed that come high water or horrible weather, God intended to carry out that plan!  He declared, I believe God that it will be just the way it was told to me! (Acts 27:25)

Paul was a model of confidence to his scared shipmates.  How about you?  Is your faith unshakable when life is uncertain?  Will your confidence in God be catching to your friends at School.  We have confidence in God because he promises us for us to live is Christ and for us to die is gain.  So no matter what happens to us in this world, if we are a true believer we can trust that God will use it for our good and His Glory.


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