Beach Camp Day 1 and 2

Day 1


Stopped in Knoxville, TN where my family fed them & then the girls stayed the night at Kaley’s parents house.

Day 2

Woke up early and drove to Myrtle Beach. Arrived in enough time to get pizza and head to the conference.

Kristian Stanfil led us in a time of worship through song and then David Platt delivered his first message to us.


During his message he laid down the foundation for this weeks messages. The main question for the week is, Do you know Jesus? Not, have you gone to church, prayed a prayer, or grown up in a Christian home. But do you know Jesus powerfully, intimately, personally.

This is the most important question we will ask in our life. The answer to this question affects the answer to all of our other questions, who should I date, where should I go to college, how should I spend my life? Even, what will I be doing 10 billion years from now.

1 Theme: Kingdom (Matthew)

2 Truths:

1.) Jesus is God with us (Matthew 1:18-23)

– God did not stay on top of a Mountain, waiting for us to find Him, but came down to mountain to us.

– God Loves us so much that he must go to us.  Just as a man does not send his friend to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he goes himself because he loves her.  How much more does God love us by coming to this fallen world to call us to Himself.

– The question is not, why is there only one way, but why is there anyway at all.

2.) Jesus is King over us (Matthew 2:1-12)

3 Reasons Why We are Here

1.) We are here to worship this King.

-When you see the value of Jesus, Worship is automatic.

– Jesus is superior, better than everything in your life.

2.) We are here to listen to the King

3.) We are here to advance the Kingdom.

4 Goals

1.) Routine religion will no longer be tolerable to us.

– Not to be satisfied with playing church.

– Monotonous spiritual emotion will not be enough.

2.) Casual worship will no longer be possible.

3.) Total Surrender will no longer be optional for us.

4.) Global Missions


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