Day 3 Morning Session (Matthew 4:1-11)

Two Kingdoms:

1.) Kingdom of Light

2.) Kingdom of Darkness

– The Bible does not say ignore the Devil, but to resist the Devil.

– Satan leads us to the slaughter like a cow goes to the slaughter.

– When you think about Satan, do not think about pitch fork, Satan does not have to “make” you go into destruction.

– Satan just tries to convince you that you are OK and comfortable.

– The stakes in the spiritual war are eternal.


The first temptation is if God is your Father, why are you hungry?

3 Ways We are Tempted

1.) Fulfill our wants apart from God’s will.

– Temptation in the Garden of Eden.  God given desire for food filled in an ungodly way.

– Satan takes our God given desire and twists it.  Food -> Gluttony, Sleep -> Laziness, Sex -> Lust, Porn, Promiscuity, Relationships, Friendships……

– Desires are not evil, but doing it outside of God’s will is.

– When we seek to meet our desires outside of God’s will we are saying to God, that you are not enough and I know how to better satisfy myself better than you can.

2.) We are tempted to question God’s Character and to twist God’s Word.

– Flee sexual immorality, not see how close you can come to the line.

– Satan says if God really loves you, He would not withhold this from you.

3.) We are tempted to settle for temporary pleasure, rather than for an eternal treasure.

– This is us saying to God that we know what is better for me.

– The problem is that our desires are too weak, it takes too little to please us.

– We need to seek after God’s treasure so that we can be most satisfied.

– We are settling for mud pies when God offers a buffet at the King’s Table.

– The bread of demons always destroys.

a.) What we think leads to delight leads to destruction.

b.) What we think leads to freedom leads to slavery.

– No one says the drug addict is free.

c.) What we think leads to life actually leads to death.

– The punishment for a small crime is not based on the sin, but the greatness of the one offended against.

d.) He a life that we could not live.

e.) He died the death that we deserved to die.

f.) He conquered the enemy we could not conquer.


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