Day 3 Evening Session (Matthew 7)

What does it means to know God?

Matthew 7:21: Not everyone who cries out Lord Lord, will enter the Kingdom.

There are many who think they are safe, but they are dangerously deceived.

4 out of 5 Americans say that they are Christians.  They are committed it the name only.

Matthew 4:17 Repent

Matthew 4:19 Follow Me

Characteristics of Jesus:

– Jesus is the center of history, Jesus is fully human, Jesus is fully divine, Jesus is the sovereign of the wise, Jesus is the shepherd of the weak, Jesus is Savior King, Jesus is the righteous judge, Jesus is filled with God the Spirit, Jesus is loved by God the Father, Jesus is the sinless one, Jesus is the light of the world, Jesus is the hope for all nations, Jesus is the authorative teacher, Jesus has authority over disease, Jesus has authority over natrue, Jesus has authority over demons, Jesus has authority over sin Jesus has authority over death.

-This Jesus is worth so much more than nominal Christianity.

– Jesus is not a poor puny savior wanting you to accept him as Savior.

– Jesus does not need our acceptance.  Jesus does not need us at all.  We need Him.

– When you encounter this King, everything changes. (Mac Truck Illustration)

1.) Turn from your sin (Repent)

– We admit we are sinners before God.

– Sorrow over sin.

– Desire our life to honor Him.

2.) Turn from yourself (Renounce)

– Disciples leave their jobs and their families.

– Leaving safety and security as you know it.

– Stating your life belongs to Jesus now, not yourself.

– It costs to follow Him, It is not easy.

3.) Trust in Jesus as the Savior who pursues us by His grace.

– It is not a checklist following Jesus.

– We have nothing in us to draw Jesus to us.

4.) Trust in the Lord who leads you for His glory.

– The cost of not following Christ is far greater than following Him.

– If you can trust Him to save you, you can trust Him to Satisfy you.

Matthew 13:44: He has found something worth giving everything else up for.

– Jesus is worth losing everything for.

– Repent for the glory of God, and the good of yourself.



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