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Good Friday Service/ Secret Church Event

On March 29th Flemingsburg Baptist Church will be hosting the community Good Friday Service at 1:30 and then a simulcast of Secret Church starting at 7pm and going till 1am.

After the community service you are welcome to stay with us.  We will be hanging out, eating, and playing games up until the start of Secret Church at 7pm.

Secret Church Simulcast is six intense hours of biblical teaching and prayer for the persecuted church led by David Platt.  It’s a great way for our community to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. David is the pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and the author of The New York Timesbestseller Radical and the Radical Small Group Study. He is also founder of Radical, a resource ministry dedicated to serving the church in making disciples of all nations.”

Heaven, Hell, and the End of the World

For Christians and non-Christians alike, these topics provoke a variety of emotions and reactions: curiosity, confusion, joy, hope, fear, anticipation, or maybe even anger. Sadly, these critical topics are often embellished, fantasized, diluted, abused, or altogether avoided in our day.

  • So what does the Bible say about these things?
  • Is the Apocalypse upon us?
  • Do we know what heaven will be like?
  • What about hell?
  • Is it literal?
  • Is it eternal?
  • How do we even begin to think about these mind-blowing realities?

During this Secret Church, we will explore God’s Word in search of answers to these questions and more. In the end, we will discover that despite of all the controversy surrounding heaven, hell, and the end of the world, several things are clear: Christ will come back, Satan will be defeated, all men will be judged, and the glory of God will cover the earth like the waters cover the sea. And by the end of the night, hopefully and humbly we will walk away with a cry on our lips and a testimony in our lives that echoes the final cry of the Scriptures: “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”

Events, Secret Church

Resources for Follow-up Study of Secret Church

Obviously, the Secret Church Event is not designed to be an 6 hour event and then end at 1 am never to be studied again.  I hope you all will make the most our of your time you invested there by filling in the blanks and using that book to not only as a resource for you when you are addressed with tough questions, but that you will also use it as a teaching aid to share with others.

Here is the answers to your work sheets: Marriage, Family, Sex, and the Gospel

Here is the link to the website where the video and audio will be made available in a couple of weeks:

The next Secret Church Event will be held on Good Friday April the 6th 2012.  I believe the topic on this one will be on the end times.

Thank you all that came and especially all of you that helped and served.