Resignation Letter

FBC Family & Flemingsburg Community:

Sunday I resigned as the Youth Pastor of FBC.  My last Sunday will be August the 18th.  I did not arrive at this decision casually and without much prayer and fasting.  I have also sought out the counseling of those that have been my ministry mentors.  This transition is bittersweet for me.  I am saddened to inform you my time as Youth pastor of FBC is coming to a close.  I love what God has accomplished during my tenure at FBC.  I love the people—a church that was very accepting of a young couple from Tennessee, fresh out of seminary.  I pray that my departure will not hinder the Gospel work here, in fact I pray that it is a catalyst.

 Selfishly, I must admit my time here has personally benefitted me.  Both FBC and the Flemingsburg community have taught me several life lessons.

 I’ve learned how to be a pastor.  You all have seen me mature in my calling, many of you remember me the first time I stood in the pulpit scared to death, some of you all shared in my ordination, and you all rejoiced with us in my graduation. Flemingsburg will always be special to me for that reason.  I have developed my work ethic here, I have been able to practice my preaching, and I have been able see a ministry grow from almost nothing to two ministries in the school, Wednesday night services, and our personal favorite our Friday Bible studies after school.

 I’ve learned how to live in a small town.  It’s no small accomplishment for us coming out of Louisville.  All pastors live a public life.  A pastor in a small town is under a particularly strong microscope.  Through Flemingsburg, I’ve learned how to be a better statesman and figurehead for the church, something you don’t necessarily learn by default in a big city.  No Christian is called to live anonymously; we are called to a public testimony.  This small town has challenged me to be more intentional about relationships and my witness.

 I’ve learned how to have close friends in the church.  Sometimes pastors have difficulty making friends in the churches they serve.  I’ve had more close friends in Flemingsburg than in any other place I’ve lived.  Flemingsburg has graciously given me the blessing of shepherding while also having close friends.  Too few pastors experience this blessing.  I do not take these friendships lightly.

 I’ve learned how to follow.  All pastors lead.  It’s an inescapable part of being called to serve the local church.  One of the most difficult aspects of leading a church is discerning when to follow and who to follow in your congregation.  At FBC, I’ve served with and under the leadership of people wiser and more experienced than me—laypersons more spiritually mature and equipped with gifts I do not have.  I’m continually learning how to limit a claim on pastoral authority to follow other servants who lead better than me in certain situations and environments.

 We came to FBC because it was a great church in a loving town.  We have loved it here since we first stepped foot here.  However, over the past several months it has become clear to Kaley and I that our season here is done.  I pray you will not view this transition as one of me leaving, but rather as one of you sending out Kaley & I more prepared for ministry than when we first came in.  Undoubtedly, I’m excited about the future and a new season of ministry.  The transition, however, is bittersweet.  While I will not have the privilege of being a youth pastor here anymore, I know the mission to further the Kingdom of God will never stop.  And I know you will persevere, regardless of who takes our place.  

We will continue to pray for this church, our youth, and our community, and we ask that you will be in prayer for us as we seek out the next season of our ministry.

Thank you again, your brother and sister in Christ

Joe & Kaley  Gunter

Events, General, Recommendations

Important New Facebook Pages that You Need to be Aware of.

As the ministries in the school continue to grow, and the fact that summer is just around the corner, we are looking for ways to better stay in touch with each other.  Newly formed Facebook pages is one way that we are going to attempt to do that, so if you would like to stay informed on what we are doing the remainder of this year and in the summer like these pages:


Panthers for Christ

This is a newly formed club at the high school and we are already seeing God grow it in numbers and in influence in the school.  Pray for us as we try to get this club up and running smoothly before school lets out.  So that we can take that momentum into the summer and ultimately into the next school year.  This week is going to be our official kick-off.  We have had previous meetings, but now we think we have worked out the kinks and have a direction now.

Panthers for Christ will be meeting this Wednesday morning at 7:40 in the Multi-purpose room.

There will be donuts and juice.

Joe Gunter will be leading the devotional.


Cougars for Christ

Cougars for Christ is the Middle School version of Panthers for Christ.  C4C is a club that Mark Leet had originally started and Natalie Leet still sponsors, that I took over last year.  This year with help from Kent Wilson, we have seen amazing growth with as many as 80 students attending the weekly Friday morning devotionals, and over 200 attending the Monthly Club Days.  Like our page to stay up-to-date with not only the exciting end of the year event that we are planning, but also all of the opportunities available to you during the summer.

Flemingsburg Baptist Church Youth Group

This is the page for our youth group.  This will provide you all of the information along with this website you are currently at for Bible Study lessons, events, and recommendations for how to strengthen your walk with Christ.

Our Youth Group is committed to the whole teaching of God’s Word and seek to be faithful in practicing, teaching, and equipping others to live out Deuteronomy 6:5-7:

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

The goal of our youth group is to help our students love God, love people, and to serve the world starting with one home at a time.

•Achieve this goal in four ways:

1.) Bible Studies (To teach them who God is so that they will better be able to love God.  Because you cannot love God if you do not think rightly about God.)

2.) Service Events (To be able to serve the world and  to show them the love of God, starting first with our own community.)

3.) Big Events (To be able to be better equipped and to regain focus.)

4.) Small Events (To build fellowship with other like minded believers so they can together reach our goal.  And for us to build a closer relationship with the students so that we might be able to better disciple them.)

You can download our brochure here: FBC Brochure.