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Important New Facebook Pages that You Need to be Aware of.

As the ministries in the school continue to grow, and the fact that summer is just around the corner, we are looking for ways to better stay in touch with each other.  Newly formed Facebook pages is one way that we are going to attempt to do that, so if you would like to stay informed on what we are doing the remainder of this year and in the summer like these pages:


Panthers for Christ

This is a newly formed club at the high school and we are already seeing God grow it in numbers and in influence in the school.  Pray for us as we try to get this club up and running smoothly before school lets out.  So that we can take that momentum into the summer and ultimately into the next school year.  This week is going to be our official kick-off.  We have had previous meetings, but now we think we have worked out the kinks and have a direction now.

Panthers for Christ will be meeting this Wednesday morning at 7:40 in the Multi-purpose room.

There will be donuts and juice.

Joe Gunter will be leading the devotional.


Cougars for Christ

Cougars for Christ is the Middle School version of Panthers for Christ.  C4C is a club that Mark Leet had originally started and Natalie Leet still sponsors, that I took over last year.  This year with help from Kent Wilson, we have seen amazing growth with as many as 80 students attending the weekly Friday morning devotionals, and over 200 attending the Monthly Club Days.  Like our page to stay up-to-date with not only the exciting end of the year event that we are planning, but also all of the opportunities available to you during the summer.

Flemingsburg Baptist Church Youth Group

This is the page for our youth group.  This will provide you all of the information along with this website you are currently at for Bible Study lessons, events, and recommendations for how to strengthen your walk with Christ.

Our Youth Group is committed to the whole teaching of God’s Word and seek to be faithful in practicing, teaching, and equipping others to live out Deuteronomy 6:5-7:

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

The goal of our youth group is to help our students love God, love people, and to serve the world starting with one home at a time.

•Achieve this goal in four ways:

1.) Bible Studies (To teach them who God is so that they will better be able to love God.  Because you cannot love God if you do not think rightly about God.)

2.) Service Events (To be able to serve the world and  to show them the love of God, starting first with our own community.)

3.) Big Events (To be able to be better equipped and to regain focus.)

4.) Small Events (To build fellowship with other like minded believers so they can together reach our goal.  And for us to build a closer relationship with the students so that we might be able to better disciple them.)

You can download our brochure here: FBC Brochure.

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April Article for the Newsletter

Spring is in the air and soon we will be hearing the joyful noise of a ball hitting leather and the crack of baseball bats once again.  April 1st marks the first day of the professional Baseball season.  On this day, the defending NL Central Division champions will open up at home on with Albert Pujols, Mike Trout, and Josh Hamilton coming to town for a three game series.  My passion is especially intensified this year with the announcement that the 2015 All Star Game will be coming to nearby Cincinnati.  In addition, our local minor league team gear up this month as well.  The Lexington Legends open up at home April the 8th 

Growing up, sports were always part of my life; I played baseball, football, basketball, and soccer as a child.  Played four sports in High School (Basketball freshman year, wrestling the other three years, and football and baseball all four years).  I also went to college and competed in three sports my freshman year before finally sticking with wrestling my final three years.  I also worked as the intramural director while at school, so not only did I get to direct all sorts of sports, but of course I would have to compete in every event as well.  After college, my involvement with sports did not end.  I coached high school wrestling and baseball while in Louisville, and baseball last year when I  moved to Fleming County; I have even helped some with Montgomery County’s Wrestling team this year.

I say all this to point out that of all the sports that I have played, two have stuck out to me: Baseball and Wrestling.  That is because, not only do I see the physical value of the sport, but they also have helped me spiritually in developing me into the Godly man that I am today.  Not that I am perfect, but I am more like Christ because of the discipline that comes through these two sports.

Today, I will address why I love the game of Baseball and maybe someday I will try to communicate the same for the sport of wrestling.

I see baseball as an illustration of the Gospel.  I see the perfect manicured fields and the simple game that a child can play at the age of five in his backyard with sticks and rocks as what God planned this world to be back in the Garden of Eden.

However, baseball also reminds us of our failures.  It is a game of errors, strikeouts, and mistakes.  You are considered one of the greats if you are successful 3 out of 10 at bats in your career.  Therefore, anybody that has ever played the game knows that we all make mistakes, we all fail.  Baseball is a game of failure, and it is because we all fail is why we need a Savior.  And, that Savior is Jesus Christ and if we repent and believe then we can have a right standing with God once again.

Once we repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, Savior, and Treasure, the God of this universe will through His Spirit start making us look more and more like His Son Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we will start to grow in our faith.  Jesus told us that if you love me then you will keep my commandments.  I see baseball being an image of that as well.  God did not give us commandments to be burdensome to us, but to help us get the most joy out of life.  Just like in baseball, if there were no rules it would be total chaos, with people running around with bats and throwing balls everywhere.  However, we have rules to get the most joy out of the game of baseball, just like we have commandments to get the most joy out of life.

Therefore, I love baseball because it points me to the Gospel.  Not only that, but it is also a tool for discipleship.  So as you enjoy the sport this spring and summer, remember not to waste baseball thinking it is about you, use it as a tool, to point you to Christ.